The Hunger Games.

This ones a bit of a random post, but I thought I should share this with you as I hardly ever read books (which I keep planning to change but it hasn't quite yet happened), and have recently come a cross another series which I can't put down. If you haven't read'The Hunger Games' - go buy it or borrow it of a friend! Honestly you'll love it- the story is so farfetched yet completely relatable and interesting. :)

So I heard about this book just as it came out at the cinemas and found the preview so intriguing I had to go and see it straight away. Even after asking people who'd read the book, they all said you should definitely read it first as it is AMAZING! But I am one of those people who hates surprising, and waiting. Although I am very patient, I get to excited (or whatever) and can't help myself. Anyway, loved the movie and very excited to see the next few. After watching the movie, it didn't cross my mind to go and read the book until last week when my sister and I were talking about great books and the fact I haven't read a book in a while. The last couple were the 'Twilight' series, which I loved and read all of them in a 2 week period (on holidays of course, not that quick of a reader!) Then also 'The girl with the Dragon Tattoo' series which I also loved! Apparently their is another book that the Author wrote before he passed away and it hasn't been released due to a conflict of money over the rights to the book- his ex girlfriend believes it belongs to her and his parents say the book is rightfully theirs. Anyway, not sure if that is 100% true but hopefully if that is the case, then they'll sort it out soon and release it! I loved both those series and not really sure why. Never thought of myself as a book person, but every time I read a book I love, I can't put it down and love sitting down to read it. Sometimes for hours in a row!
Anyway, so Bridget my sister lent me the book on Thursday night and 6 days later I have almost finished it, even though I've worked every day- I sit up in bed at night and read it till I've fallen asleep with the book still in hand and the light on. It's that good! It's one I am going to recommend to everyone that reads this post ( lol- I guess thats not to many at this point, but hopefully a couple!).  Let me know your thoughts if you haven't read it and if you decide to!
Next I"m going to read '50 shades of grey' as all I keep hearing is about how many copies have sold worldwide and also all these mixed reviews, so I'm also intrigued!
Anyway, some imagery of the books I'm reading/ going to read or recommend below for those who prefer to look at imagery instead of reading words! (all photos is order of series I read and the First to last of each runs from top to bottom in case you were interested). :) xx

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