Dion Lee Forest Green Dress.

So this was the original (first of 4) dress that I bought to wear to my engagement party last December. I absolutely love it, however I ended up wearing a white Camilla and Marc gorgeous dress- I'll show you guys a pic eventually! Anyway, I think this is a keeper. Not to much of a statement- simple, clean lines. One of those dresses that you can afford to eat a little without being worried that you may get a little bloated, you know? It's not figure hugging, yet is very flattering. The colour is so beautiful and it's probably the first real green dress (or green piece of clothing for that matter) that I have bought since I was young! I bought it when I was managing 'Green with Envy,' along with the other 3 options! That's what happens when you go in that store. You plan to buy one thing and come out with four. It's inevitable really! But totally worth it- you only live once and I don't want to regret anything. I am yet to wear this lil  number but I'm sure it won't date, so hopefully I'll get to wear it sooner rather then later! Now if it was up to me- I definitely would be wearing different shoes! I just chucked these MASSIVE wedges on with it for a bit of fun. Which also reminds me- I'm in need of some great new shoes. If you're reading this and you have suggestions of shops or styles let me know! I will collate all the information/ advice from people and post about it over time. Anywayyy- if you already know me, then you know I love photoshop and playing around.. This was one of those times. Not the neatest but I don't have time to fix them up- the fiancĂ© is cracking it!! 'Get off the bloody computer'. hehe.. oops. Night peeps :) xxx


Georgiana xx said...

LOVE it! I have the same problem with the boyfriend "get off the bloody instagram or blog or whatever it is!" haha xx

Christine Yun said...

Awesome dress with those wedges. Love how you did your photos too.


sonia de macedo said...

Love your photos, so fab and that dress is a stunner on you!

Have a lovely day!

Bang and Buck said...

you're a babe fen xx

Fenella Scarlett McCall said...

Thanks peeps! Still figuring it all out- having a bit of fun for now :) xx

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